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Albert: 7 Months

Remember when I posted monthly updates on E? And this is like the first post about Albert? Do you know when I started writing this post? September.


Poor, poor second children. ;-)


He is perfect and precious and smiley. Everywhere we go people coo over what a happy little boy he is. He laughs so easily. If I dance or make silly noises or if Elizabeth smiles at him, the chuckles start. You laugh at him, he laughs back at you, and the world feels whole and good.


He’s getting so grabby! I used to be able to sit him in my lap and do some work but now I have to move everything out of his reach because he automatically lunges for the keyboard.


He’s rolling and sitting up on his own. He’s getting so close to crawling that between that and the teething we are now often frustrated. His first two teeth — the bottom center ones — have broken free of their gummy prison. This brought pain to him and to me.


After months of sleeping on his side with legs propped against the crib rails and arms over his face, he will now spend a lot of time sleeping on his stomach. He does sleep with a pacifier but rarely takes one during the one day now that he’s leaving the newborn stage. He is (often) easier to get asleep than E: stories, prayer, song, lay him down with pacifier and lovey and you’re done.

His lovey is one of the Aden + Anais ones that we introduced around the 4-month sleep regression.


Albert started solids at 6 months and is showing increased interest in them. We’re taking the baby-led weaning approach again and my first attempt at preparing sweet potato prep turned out a little smooshy. It takes some skills to get food soft enough, but not so soft you can’t get a good grip on it. He had a bit better luck with some zucchini tonight. I often just smoosh some on my fingers for him to suck, which is working pretty well at this juncture. He also likes avocados and bananas, but we’ve been avoiding the bananas since someone said they can cause eczema and we’re struggling with that. (I’m off the dairy. Please send care packages of mint Oreos and those Trader Joe’s maple creme cookies which are gloriously dairy free.)


Watching him and Elizabeth is easily the best part of this whole two-kid thing. They will jump together (Albert with a bit of assistance, of course.) and just laugh at each other and my heart oozes all over the floor like Albert’s frequent spit up. And Elizabeth loves him so much. We’ll talk about plans for the day and she’ll ask, “Albert come too?” and when I say yes it’s always met with an enthusiastic, “Yay!” or her recent favorite, “Whoohoo!” When Albert cries E will sing to him and he calms down (for at least the duration of the song). Popular song choices are Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and E’s singing borders on shouting, but it’s still adorable. I guess if someone started yelling “Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells Away! Hey!” at you, you would be startled enough to calm down too?


Oh my sweet little squish!

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