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Running and I Are No Longer On a Break

I have been watching a lot of friends during the end of the my pregnancy and post-partum time and it is a beautiful thing.

But running and I have been on-again-off-again for about 12 years now. More off than on. In fact, my most successful string of consistent running lasted about 9 months. Then there was winter and bronchitis and the bronchitis ended but my breathing still wasn’t great so I had to wait a month for testing to see if I had asthma and then it was hot and then I got pregnant with Albert.

So a couple weeks ago I started running. Again. With a handy Couch to 5K plan. Again. And it sucks. The starting always sucks. I really like running if I can keep up with it for a few months, but ugh. The starting is the worst. I’ve got shin splints that just won’t quit.

My primary goal this time around is to never have to start over again. And maybe the 2016 Derby Marathon. Baby steps.

Last time I started again with a Couch to 5K program through a local running store. I’m using the same schedule, but I made it pretty and you can download it below. Technically you should do cross training and take a long weekly walk, but I’ve just pared the schedule down to the mileage because ain’t nobody got time for cross-training. (That’s probably horrible fitness advice. Also, does taking two kids to the zoo count as cross-training?) I’m running Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and you’re welcome to join me in spirit.

C25k_imageAt least when you start running again you get new shoes. They might not sparkle, but they are still Elizabeth-approved.


And don’t forget to stretch!


Oh! Speaking of stretching! I found this app called SIT, which isn’t a terribly exciting app, but it simply (and for free!) tracks intervals, so you can have it beep say, every 40 seconds, and you don’t have to count how long you’re holding a stretch. (Do you count Mississippi-lessly?) You can also find me on RunKeeper if you want to be my friend and see how slowly I’m running.

I’m really almost done, but I can’t make two Friends references in a post about running without including this:

from GIFSoup

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