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E Is Three

I don’t normally get emotional about E’s birthdays. As much as I love her and think she is perfection, I’m not too distraught about her growing up. I’m sure it will come, but right now there’s a lot of diaper changing, unexplained tantrums, unintelligible whining, picky eating, and the like that make me look forward to her continued growth and development.


But this year, my dearest, loveliest Elizabeth turned three six days after Albert arrived, so I was in a quite a state emotionally. Those first few days I thought Albert looked exactly like Elizabeth. I kept thinking that I was getting to have a baby Elizabeth all over again and kept crying. I wouldn’t go back to Elizabeth’s early days for a million dollars. (If anything, I’d just go back to hand myself a glass of wine and watch Baby Elizabeth so Past Me can sleep.) Plus, as confirmed by other moms, while you’re in the hospital with your new baby, your babies at home will quadruple in size. And E was just the best big sister and it was melting my heart a thousand times a day.

Even though E has been three for a little over two months ago, I just wanted to share a little bit about how freaking amazing she is at stage.


E’s communicating has really taken off this year. It’s so great that we can talk more, both for making our lives easier and also because I cannot get enough of hearing “I love you”. Two to three “I love you”s and I can forget a Target tantrum pretty easily. Especially when they’re completely out of the blue. Lately she likes to come up behind me, usually while I’m sitting on the floor changing Albert’s diaper, and wraps her arms around my neck. Honestly, it’s a little painful and I’ve wondered if she could fatally dislodge my windpipe like this, but also precious! I’m normally feeding or snuggling Albert when she’s on her way to bed and she will come over to the couch, climb up next to us, kiss us both, then wrap her arms around us and say, “I love you Albert Mommy. Good night Albert Mommy.” Conjunctions are apparently overrated.

She is an amazing big sister and has really moved into this role pretty easily. She loves to help me change Albert’s diaper and is always ready with the butt creme. She loves to ask, “Butt creme?!” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is my go-to song for a fussy E or Albert, so now when Albert cries she starts to sing it to him.


She loves to help me cook and clean, but on her own terms. Asking her to put things away is hit or miss. She’d rather just sweep when the fancy takes her.

She’s also quite the fashionista and changes her clothes multiple times a day. It’s reached the point where I avoid having to go in her room and see all the clothes on the floor and I’ve stopped washing her clothes if she doesn’t put them in the dirty clothes basket. When I do wash her clothes and she has a fresh pile of options in her drawer, she gets so excited. “You wash my jammies mommy?! Oh thank you!” We were about to leave for a pediatrician appointment the other day around 11am. E is already in her fourth outfit (not exaggerating), and she takes off her clothes and heads up stairs for a new ensemble. I rush up afterward, stressed, trying to balance how to convince her that we really need to go without making her so mad that she slows down. She opens her drawer, I’m pleading and she goes, “Shh! I have to think!” I thought I had another decade before I had to deal with this!

I made her a jammy dress recently and she likes it pretty well. We were at Joann a couple weeks ago and on the aisle with the kids flannel that I used to make her dress, and she gets so excited. “You make me another jammy dress?!” That wasn’t my plan when we went to Joann, but with a request like that you have to say yes. ;-)

The other day she remarked that triangles have three sides, then counted, “1 – 6 – 8.”

I love her verbal quirks. “Brush teeth” instead of “toothbrush”. “Sloppy/slippery” instead of “sweaty”.

My dad is likely her favorite person in the world, which shows good judgement. She has started watching the movie Rio on repeat. She loves bubbles, trains, trucks, giraffes, her pets, her toys, painting, stickers, Peg + Cat, Elmo, sparkle skirts, and sneaking into mom and dad’s bed in the middle of the night and snuggling (“I snuggle you mommy.”).

(I kind of like that last one too.)




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