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Some Recent Loves 3


If you’re curious how I’ve been spending my maternity leave, it’s been a lot of keeping my Feedly ALL READ (Can you believe it?!) and working through a ton of uncategorized posts in my Pocket, since these are things one can easily do on their iPhone with one hand while snuggling a brand new human and toddler. Yes, both of them are usually snuggling me constantly while we alternate between Friends and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I alternate between feeling suffocated and so full of all the love and joy. ;-)

Oh Joy! had a great post on mom guilt and work, pointing out that work doesn’t have to be this evil that takes us away from our kids.

The Bloggess, as always, is perfection:

Is it normal to feel this way?  Is it healthy and self-aware to realize that you can’t succeed at everything because you just have too many balls in the air?  Do the people who seem to be perfect just have less balls?  Are they just better at handling balls?   I am being overly obsessed with the status of my balls?  Is it sophomoric that I just laughed at that last sentence?

Nested humorously laments that she (and all of us really…) can’t hold our liquor like we used to, largely through Liz Lemon gifs. Any story that can be told through Liz Lemon gifs is a story worth reading.


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