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Fourth of July Toddler Crafting

Before E was born, I had these visions that being a work-at-home mom would mean tons of time for toddler crafts and the kind of organized, planned enrichment activities that Pinterest has millions of.

Umm… no.

But now that I’m technically on maternity leave combined with┬áthe guilt of E not being in any kind of Parents’ Day Out program, the crafting has kicked it up a notch and we successfully completed a Pinterest craft! Huzzah! This was our inspiration:

image: Cutesy Crafts
image: Cutesy Crafts

And this is how it turned out:

DSC_0031_sm All-in-all, pretty good work from E. We had a difficult time understanding that we needing to stamp on the shirt, not just on the freezer paper star. At least until we decided that the bottom of the shirt was the real spot in need of circles. I will admit I did do a few of the stamps once E allowed me a turn, which helped to firm up the border of the star.

DSC_10026_sm Find all the details on the Cutesy Crafts blog.


  1. I want one!! It’s patriotic but not over kill (so if I wore it I wouldn’t look silly!) then again maybe it’s time to get the fabric pens out and do something with all the white onesies I have. Oh maybe tie dye a few of them now that would be fun.

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