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A Finished Nursery… for Elizabeth

I took some time on Friday to finally “finish” Elizabeth’s nursery. Do you even call it a nursery if they’re almost three? There’s still a changing pad in there! For a few more days anyway. (No, not because I think we’ll be potty trained, but because Albert will be using it more.)


As Elizabeth says, “Ta da!”

Friday’s finishing touch involved finishing out the paper butterflies, which are just card stock butterflies cut out with my mom’s Cricut and stuck to the wall with straight pins. The other crafty project of note in this picture is that I recovered the cushions on the rocker with something a little less mid 90s. I was going to make a matching pillow. I’m also still interested in painting her headboard. After three years though, I think it’s time to focus my indecision/procrastination on Albert’s room.


This is on the wall over Elizabeth’s bed. I’ve realized within the past couple months how much it looks like a smiley face. I can’t figure out an easy fix so I’m ignoring it for the time being. The “I Love Everything About You” print was a free printable from a blog which I colored (and it appears to no longer exist. Bummer.) and the embroidered lion (Saying “Roar!” because I’m starting the subtle “Be an ADPi” messages now.) I made from this penguin and fish pattern. A friend painted the adorable llama.


Of course the room needed a little Pride and Prejudice in honor of Elizabeth’s namesake, Elizabeth Bennet. And I just loved this hungry caterpillar E made in Parents’ Day Out (apparently they used marshmallows as “stamps”.)

Now to focus on Albert’s nursery! Which I’m surprised to say is already coming together much more easily than E’s did. I found a print on Etsy years ago, before we were even trying to get pregnant with Elizabeth, that I knew I would use for a boy nursery. So even though I really wanted E to be a girl (I mean, we would’ve been happy either way, but I’m just a girly girl and had the name Elizabeth picked out since high school.), I never really knew what I wanted to do with her nursery. I’m still pretty lukewarm about it. Albert’s has been planned for 4+ years. More on that once the crib skirt and curtains are up!


  1. I just cut the fabric for Mary’s nursery curtains.. :-|

    • You’ve had two big moves in the past year! That’s a great excuse for all sorts of things! Rock it! ;-)

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